Our Pharmacy

Medications, supplements, food, treats, and more!

Pet and horse health is our priority

We are proud to provide manufacturer-backed products, exceptional customer service, and quality care. Licensed in all 50 states, our partner pharmacy is the most highly accredited in the nation and meets the strictest privacy, authentication, and security standards.

Our pharmacy offers
  • Pharmacists trained in veterinary medications
  • Products and savings direct from the manufacturer
  • Friendly support by phone, chat, or email
What you need, when you need it
We make it easy to shop and save on your pet or horse’s food and medications – no more phone calls, last-minute errands, or even written prescriptions
  • AutoShip Convenience Save time and money with automatic deliveries and free shipping
  • Refill Reminders Receive reminders, so your pet or horse never misses a dose
  • Exclusive Savings Apply coupons and instant rebates on top products