cats, dogs and other farm animals right here at our store. We bring you the top-rated supplies at the most affordable price to help you better take care of the animals in your life. Support optimal pet health with quality products because we know how important the roles pets play in our lives. Check out our horse pharmacy, which is your one-stop for a variety of horse medications products.

If you have one or more horses you take care of, ensure their well-being in our horse pharmacy today. You can turn to Horse Medicare Store for the medications your horse needs. View medications that cover allergies, anti-inflammatory and pain, eye care, joint care, muscle relaxants, vitamins, and more. We offer countless products, and all you have to do is shop by sub-category and provide a valid veterinary prescription to order. Buy Horse Medication Online

We are committed to giving all customers an excellent shopping experience. Moreover, we are committed to providing an exceptional customer service experience, if and whenever you require assistance. If you have questions or concerns, you can always contact us and speak with our knowledgeable representatives.

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Horse Medcare Shop has provided pet supplies, vet supplies, and kennel supplies at lowest prices since 2000.

We offer low prices on quality pet supplies because we know you love your horse, dog, or cat and want every pet enthusiast or pet owner to have the opportunity to support optimum health for their pet.

Horse Medcare Shop believes in the value of expertise and knowledge in caring for your pets. We are proud to have pet experts in our professional customer service team and our pet blog -The Well Pet Post, is an additional resource containing a variety of pet health and pet behavior articles loaded with tips and information on providing pets and animals in your care with the highest standards of health and well-being.

Enjoy our one stop online shopping for pet supplies, pet health and wellness, veterinary medical supplies, pet medicine, and a broad selection of grooming supplies. We also have farm and kennel supplies for bio-security disease prevention and protection for your dog, cat, horses, and other farm animals. To help you stay organized, we also provide a downloadable printable PDF dog vaccination and cat vaccination health record. Online ordering is easy with convenient home delivery of pet supplies and pet medicine for your dog or cat. If you prefer to shop from a catalog, we also offer a digital catalog from which you can directly order all your dog, cat, and horse supplies, including farm and kennel supplies.

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Our Featured Products

Give them an extra boost. Horses have unique needs that their diets can’t always deliver. Make sure yours have the best with the best selection of horse supplements. We carry a wide variety of supplements, from trusted brands like Farnam, AniMed, Cosequin, and many more. Buy Horse Medication Online





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Where it’s all about your horse. Shop with us and see why we are your best source for online horse supplies! Our mission is to provide the highest quality pet medications and pet care products to pet lovers & pet parents at the lowest prices while upholding the highest pharmacy standards.


We carry everything you need to care for your horses, including the tack and supplies to match your specific riding discipline. Be sure to check out our selection of tack and equipment for riding styles such as dressage, eventing, jumpers, western, trail, and more. We carry the products and accessories you want and need for performance or pleasure riding. Be sure to check out all the great products that we carry just for you!



We understand how much time, energy, and passion are put into being an equestrian. Our staff is comprised of passionate horse lovers, too! Choose from a wide selection of top brands to outfit your horses, your barn, and yourself. It’s easier than ever to equip your favorite mare in the best gear, or groom your top gelding with a collection of equine products from


In addition to our great products and competitive prices, we have an extensive learning center! Visit our reading corner to learn about a variety of horse-related topics, like parasite prevention, measuring and fitting western saddles, or different horse supplements and their benefits. We are your source for everything equine.


Administering Equine Medication

The chemistry of the drug and the physiology of horses dictate the route of administration of the drug. Drugs administered by different routes are absorbed in different ways and at different rates. For starters, when giving medications to your horse, make sure you talk with your veterinarian to understand the what, how, and why of the drug. 

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Horse & Equine Supplements for Sale

For the latest in Horse Care, Horse Medcare Shop has all you need for your horse from horse supplements, horse medications, horse performance products, and horse Blood Builders to the best in horse joint care for long-lasting results and maintenance of a fit and healthy horse.

Highest quality horse supplements, vaccines, medications, prescriptions, and much more at the best price delivered to you door.


Horse Medcare Shop is your #1 reliable horse medication or supplement online retailer.

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With our 100satisfaction guarantee, we promise to provide you with the best horse supplement or pet supplement

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With our good customer service, we provide the best quality and timely assistance to our customers.

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Here at Horse Medcare Shop, we always offer FREE for all orders over $1000. Proceed to place your order now.

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Pet Pharmacy & Veterinary Pharmacy

How to Submit Your Pet’s Prescription

Pet’s Choice Pharmacy cannot process prescriptions without a valid veterinarian’s prescription.  If you have any problems submitting your prescription, please contact pharmacy support at (401) 249-0649. Buy Horse Medications Online

Easy to Order Pet Meds at Horse Medicare Store

Horse Medicare Store offers the same FDA/EPA-approved pet prescriptions as found at your veterinarian. They also offer approved generic equivalents on name-brand pet medications for additional savings. Some pet prescriptions are also available to be filled on a per-pill or single-dose basis.

Disposal of Expired or Unused Medications, Needles and Syringes

Follow any specific disposal instructions on the drug label or information sheet that accompanies the medication. Do not flush prescription drugs down the toilet unless this information specifically instructs you to do so.

Prescription Information and Disclaimer partners with Pet’s Choice Pharmacy to fill prescriptions for our customers. Pet’s Choice Pharmacy is accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP®) and is listed in the Pharmacy Verified Websites Program. All orders for prescription medications must be accompanied by a veterinarian’s original prescription and must meet the following criteria in order to be processed. Horse Medications For Sale

Prescription Medicine for Horses

Keep your horse in galloping good health with prescription medicine from the Horse Medicare Store pharmacy. You can find whatever medication your vet may prescribe, including treatments like parasite & worm medicine, skin & coat medicine, and prescription horse medication for a range of other equine health issues. We carry vitamins & electrolytes to keep horses in top shape for exercise and pain meds to ease the aches of injury or arthritis. Horses with allergies will appreciate the allergy medicine we have available, while those with thyroid trouble may benefit from thyroid & hormone. Your vet can prescribe the right prescription medication for these and other issues in just the right doses for your “mane” man. You can buy prescription horse medicine online through the Horse Medcare Shop pharmacy for other ailments, too. Order antibiotics for infections or shop our other prescription meds for common horse health complaints.

The Horse Medcare Shop has prescription medications for your canine and feline companions, as well. Order

prescription dog medicine and prescription cat medicine right when you fill your horse prescriptions, and stock up on non-prescription remedies, horse supplies, and dog and cat supplies too. Horse Medicare Store has everything you need to keep all your hooved and furry companions well and thriving. Check out our great selection of

prescription horse medicine—we’re almost certain to have whatever your vet prescribes!

Frequently Asked Questions about Prescription Medicine for Horses

How do I get horse medication prescriptions online at Horse Medicare Store Pharmacy?

Get your horse medication prescriptions online at Horse Medcare Shop Pharmacy by first visiting your vet for a prescription. Then, go online and add the prescribed pharmacy product to your cart. At checkout, you can add your horse’s info and vet contact information so Horse Medicare Store can reach out and verify the prescription on your behalf. That’s all you need to do to order your prescription medications from Horse Medcare Shop!

How can I get a horse to eat medicine?

Getting a horse to eat medicine may require a little creativity and patience, but some horses will just eat up the medication if you put it in their feed. For other horses, try hiding the medicine in a soft horse treat, in a hollow you’ve made in an apple or carrot, or in one of the specialty pill pockets or pouches made just for this purpose. Hiding the medicine in a pitted prune works well for many horses, too, or you can try crushing the medicine, dissolving it in water, and squirting it into your horse’s mouth. Your vet may have some good advice on giving your horse medicine, too.

What kind of medication can I give my horse?

You can give your horse a range of different medications depending on his needs, but only your vet can determine and prescribe the medicines that are right for him. Horse Medcare Shop carries remedies including parasite & deworming medicine for horses, pain meds for horses, skin & coat medicine for horses, antibiotics for horses, thyroid and hormone medicine for horses, and horse allergy medicine, too. The Horse Medcare Shop Pharmacy carries most of the common medications for horses and quite a few specialty horse meds, as well.

How do I set up Autoship for my prescription horse medicine?

To set up Autoship for your prescription horse medicine, select the Autoship option at checkout and choose the frequency of your delivery. You must have a valid prescription or remaining refills on file for Autoship deliveries to occur. If we do not have a prescription, or if your prescription is expiring soon, one of our team members will reach out to your vet to obtain all the necessary information. Once you set up Autoship, you can cancel or change your deliveries any time you want. Never run out of prescription horse medicine again with Autoship from Horse Medcare Shop!