Frequently Asked Questions

Click through the tabs below for frequently asked questions and answers for readers of The Horse magazine and If you cannot find an answer to your question and need further assistance, please contact us via the form below.

Where can I get Assistance if I am a New Customer?

If you are a new customer getting assistance is no problem. If you need help placing your order, call us by our customer service team will gladly place your order. You can also e-mail us at

Product Availability

We hate to disappoint you, so we try very hard to make sure all items for sale on our website are in stock so we never run out what you and your pet needs. Despite our best efforts, we sometimes run out and for that we apologize for any inconvenience. If for some reason one of the products you purchase is on back-ordered or out of stock, we will ship the balance of your order and let you know the outstanding item has been cancelled. If you would like to be the first to know when the item is back in stock sign up to receive an email notification when the item is back in stock.

Payment Methods We Accept

We accept Zelle Pay, Western Union, MoneyGram,  Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, and PayPal. Additionally, Horse Medicare Store USA Reward points, and other account credits from any prior returns or refunds are also acceptable forms of payment.

We’re sorry but we cannot accept credit card as a payment option for prescription medications.

All prices are shown and charged in U.S. dollars.

Is my credit/debit card charged when the order gets placed?

No, Horse Medcare Shop only holds an authorization on credit/debit card, but the card is not charged but you can buy cryptocurrency online with your credit/debit card. You can buy cryptocurrency online with credit card from Contact us via for assistance.

How quickly will my order ship from your facility?

Orders with only over-the-counter (OTC) products generally ship within 24 business hours after we receive the order.

Rx orders generally ship 24-72 business hours after we receive the authorization for the Rx item(s) from your Pet’s Vet.

Orders with both Rx and OTC items will ship once the Rx item has been authorized by your Pet’s Vet.

My pet's medication is running low. How fast will I receive it?

We recommend selecting the overnight shipping option for a guaranteed delivery date. There are many variables that may alter the delivery time of a shipment and that is why we recommend the guaranteed overnight method.

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